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Pomegranate juice 100% GRANTE

A 100% natural juice from pomegranates grown in the legendary region Geokchay in Azerbaijan. It has a naturally slightly sour taste. It contains beneficial polyphenols and anthocyanins, as well as many valuable elements. Pomegranates have anticoagulant properties, prevent heart attacks and strokes. The juices Grante contain no artificial additives and preservatives; they are not sweetened or artificially coloured. They are not made from a concentrate.

available volumes:

1L      0,7L      0,3L

Apple juice 100% GRANTE

The juice is pressed directly from the apples that grow in one of the purest regions of Poland - in the Kozienicka Forest. It is a 100% natural product - no added sugar, preservatives or food colourings. The apples deacidify the body; they are rich in potassium and iron that prevent anaemia. The juice is lightly pasteurized so its valuable nutrients and its outstanding natural taste are preserved. It is naturally cloudy, not made from a concentrate.

available volumes:

3L      1L      0,7L      0,3L      0,25L

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