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An excellent juice for special occasions

Quince juice 100% HEVEN

Made from the best fruit varieties, the quince juice has a sweet-sour refreshing taste. It is especially recommended for recovery periods after diseases because it has regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties.


Moreover, quince is appreciated for its positive impact on how we feel – it soothes and reduces stress. The juice contains no preservatives; it is made from natural ingredients.



available volumes:

1L      0,7L      0,3L

Pomegranate juice HEVEN

The juice is made 100% from the thickened juice – this guarantees high quality and a low price. The pomegranates are known for their medicinal properties and contain antioxidants. If the pomegranate juice is drunk regularly, it has a positive effect in asthma, digestive problems, and promotes healing of the upper airways.


The technological production process of the juice Heven allows it to retain all properties of the freshly pressed pomegranate juice.



available volumes:

1L      0,7L      0,3L

Aloe beverage with strawberry flavour

Aloe beverage with coconut flavour

Aloe beverage

A quality beverage with 30% vol. aloe. It has a positive effect on the body – aloe relieves fatigue, moisturizes and regenerates the skin, it strengthens the immunological system and helps with digestive problems, as it reduces complaints and improves metabolism.


When cooled, the juice refreshes and quenches thirst excellently – it is an excellent alternative for carbonated beverages.



available volumes:

1L      0,5L

Aloe beverage with mango flavour

Aloe beverage with pineapple flavour

Flavours of our aloe beverages

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